Friday, February 26, 2010

girl's rule: smart or beauty...??

 this posting maybe only my opinion about phisically appearance, especially for girls, they must choose one, or maybe to be that both for theirself. one thing, that's all depends on you gurls!!!

my mom said that if a woman is smart, there won't a bad guy wants to be closer to her. so, in the other way, i recommend to be smart girl. i think my mom is absolutely right, she knows that my appearance isn't so beauty like her (i have some similiarity to my father). i'm not that white, slim and beauty girls and my mom is.

i never put my eye on my beauty-differential from my mom, she's the best and my biggest support, so i don't need to do that. every human is created with its best, i do believe it.

on the other hand, for some girls, of course being beautiful girl is a must. they can get a ticket to get everything easily, i mean, everythings for their future, wealth, money, gold, jewel, and other things that precious. but, whats related from beauty and wealthness in the future??

mostly, men look for girls firstly in their appearances. then, no matter with characteristics, it's a behind things to think, if the men feel comfort and click, they'll give everything for the girls. yup, rich men don't wanna have ugly girl, thats will be ashamed 'things' to be showed off to others. it's why i said a beautiful girl can have everything.

ok, it's amazing to be beauty, everyone looks at you and you won't lose the attention, but, how about your knowledge..?? are you still feeling proud when you are asked about Indonesian history, the development of century case, or about your study explaination but you can't answer it because you are too busy to keep your make up is good...???
it's a madness.

however, it's all about choices, up to you what you wanna choose. it's better if a girl have beauty and brilliant brain. both of 'em will save and make our degree higher because we have something to be talked which is up to date and can join everywhere....


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Asheeq Mustafa said...

gw paling mls suruh baca ginian
gw dah lm ga cangcingcong bhs inggris :(
masa gw kudu buka kamus..
ga deh el...
lo translate ke fb gw yah..

elfa said...

pk google translate ja bang....

eh, gw g ngrti dh sgtga plstk tu yg ky gmn c???
cm kresek d lipet"..??

Asheeq Mustafa said...

iyah.. plastik dilipet2 jd sgitiga.. hohoho
tu dr dulu gw pnasaran bngd..

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