Thursday, April 1, 2010

the past that never pass

everyone has past life, absolutely, whether it's a happy or sad one, includes me, a lil girl who are to grow o be mature already. mostly, the most unforgettable is the sad one, people won't lose their memories if it's a bad experience, they'll avoid to do the same and make it as the most valuable thing.

many stories tell about my past here, my past is my bad, and I don't wanna go back, can't hide, just face 'em all to make me mature. no need to make tears out because life flows and never waits.

indeed, take our body, soul and mind out from "past hole" is very hard, but we couldn't be so blind, something beautiful, nice, joy and happy is front us if we wanna open the very new page of life. it's true happened on me, i did it as well so far...

meanwhile, feelings of lonesome are coming and make our mind is running uncontrolled, the sadness, hurt feeling. i felt it. i have it whenever the rain is coming or listened for memorial song in the past. damn, every single part on the past is walking around in my mind, i really wanna cry, but it solves nothing, just be silent and lets the feeling is free in the next step seconds.

even the past is killing softly, there's nothing wrong inside, the wrong one is only us, choosing to fight or just only hide in fake face..?? up to us.

overall, a past is still in mind, but don't really regret it.


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