Saturday, April 3, 2010

love who loves you

sesaat, i remember of a classic statement: kita akan sadar sangat sayang ketika itu telah tiada. yep, a really simple one, but it really shoots right on a thing when feels it.

i feel really empty when something's gone, indeed, when that thing is mine, it's really easy to think that a thing is useless, harmful, sucks or something. i do my mom's things because she goes on vacation on some days next, it's tired to do that, when my mom's here, i thought all her things are easy to be done, guess what, i do it on a very tiring, it's not easy as i thought, fiiiuuuh... you're the best mom...

another stories are near me. a best friends of mine, she really feels emptiness when her father's passed away (i do really feel in the same way darl). many things are missed, she said. a time when i told her that i often got caughing in the night, she reminds of her dad's behaviour. her dad comes to her room at a time she caugh and already brought a cough-liquor medicine on a spoon and gives it to her, how sweet, even my father never does that way.

many story i've heard, they regret everything they had sweet. it's poor and sad. the time is even never ever can't be back, why you don't treat what you have well before it's all gone??

get the point..

love who loves you most, feeling it and let it make you happy :)

cheer the world with your best smiles :D  

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ejabukan said...

lam kenal ya, cuma jalan2 siang nih

elfa said...

lam knl jg...
thx udh mampir ;)
ntr gw mampir balik :)

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