Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a letter for him

dear: YOU

hey, did u know me??
from very our first meeting, i see you and feel a boombastic feeling for u, but, i ask myself whether you knew me or not. i have a special feeling for you, but please, don't be sooo overacted, i like u in the way you are :D

do u realize about all my writing everywhere??
just as common teen who feels in love, i wrote all happy, sad, jealous, nervous feeling about u. maybe i'm a looser who cannot say a word in front of u, it's all about getting nervous because this feeling is killing me softly. i'll be so glad if u knew, but if u didn't i'll receive as a happy story.

do u feel the same??
it's a huge bullshit, u even never show that u care. we act as a foe, didn't say any words, absolutely, that's us!

am i still missing u??

u're too high to be reached, i'm getting tired and gave up.


i'll not write everything about u again.....

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